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Who am I ?

A book lover and a history buff since my childhood


My passion for old books started in a flea market at the age of 11. It was an old manual of domestic medicine.
I studied History and History of the Arts for several years.
I am passionate about the Old Regime, the Second Empire and the "Belle Epoque".

  I decided to become a bookbinder, with the idea of saving all these old books and old engravings by restoring them to offer them a new life.
I challenge myself: Get my Certificate of professional competence in "Bookbinding Arts" in just 1 year.

   I register at "the Vésinet Applied Arts Workshop" in 1st year of binding. In parallel, I enroll in the first year of restoration of monochrome engravings at the "CFRPE" in Tours with the teacher Olivier Maupin.

After a lot of work and perseverance, I obtain my certificate "Arts of binding" in Tolbiac (Paris).

On August 15, 2019, after an inscription to the "Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Val de Marne", my binding workshop "Le Grenier des Chagrins" is officially opened.

My spirit of determination, my attention to detail, the love of a job well done, my thirst for learning and my curiosity are perhaps the keys that allowed me to win this challenge.

  Actually, I continue divers studies in binding, and the restoration of engravings in colors and manuscripts.

I then plan to do 3 years in restoration of old books.


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