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Homemade Wax

100% natural ingredients

My love for herbal medicine and aromatherapy led me to create this artisanal wax, with 100% natural ingredients.


The waxes that are found in commerce and even in certain artisans or institutions, contain either chemicals, or poor quality ingredients or petroleum derivatives. And often for an exorbitant price!


For this wax, I have chosen only quality ingredients. This gives it several virtues in order to really take care of the leather of your old books.


Here are its properties:

- Deeply hydrates and penetrates immediately without leaving a greasy film

- Durably softens even the most damaged and driest leathers

- Restores shine to gilding

- Protective (Rich in active ingredients, vitamin A and E)

- Softening and restructuring

- Anti UV (therefore protects the color of leathers against sunlight)

- Provides waterproofness against humidity and a barrier against mold


Indeed, this wax contains a remarkable ingredient: propolis.

In the hive, propolis has multiple uses. It is a mortar which is used to plug cracks or interstices, to seal against humidity and the development of molds, to strengthen combs or defective parts of the hive and to protect the colony against external intrusions by reducing the section of the entrance to the hive. It is also a sanitizing varnish deposited in a thin layer inside the cells before the queen is laid, or to smooth the interior walls of the hive. It was used in ancient Egypt for embalming



It will suffice to take a chamoisine and lightly rub the wax to melt it. Place there then by making circles on your leather. No need to put a lot of it to obtain a magnificent result (see the video)


Content: 100g

Container: black aluminum box

Price: € 18.50 /unit

-5% from 2 boxes ordered

-10% from 3 boxes ordered

Delivery: 5 € for 1 or 2 boxes, 7 € from 3 boxes for metropolitan France

If you want to buy some, do not hesitate to use the paypal button below.

I also accept bank transfer (contact me before)

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