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Why "Le Grenier des Chagrins" ?

My ethics

Being a restorer of written heritage suggests having principles that should not be underestimated.
I undertake and I want to scrupulously respect the most important rules which are:


  • 100% conservation of old elements

  • Chemical stability of the products used

  • Reversible operation if desired (products and techniques)

  • Respect for ancient techniques

  • Structural compatibility between the old materials used

  • Do not destroy the raw material. No irreversible trauma should be involved in the intervention protocol

  • Sincerity of the restoration (same color of leather, respect the structures of the book...)

My method

It consists first of all by making an appointment in order to study precisely the work that you wish to entrust to me.

The study of your book or your document will be done in several points

  • Identification of binding, paper, and techniques used

  • Dating of the book or print

  • Identification of degradations and their causes

Then with your agreement, we choose the best solution to use for the restoration and conservation of your book or etching.

Finally, an estimation will be made, with the description of the condition of your book or document in which you have entrusted it to me (taking photos ...) and the interventions planned for each type of damage.


I wanted for my bookbinding workshop, a poetic name.

The logo
We can see 3 symbols.
1st: The roof of a house which reminds the attic being just below.

2nd: We also see a stylized book with his pages.

3rd: Finally, for the most imaginative: a mustache, the one I have worn for years and which shows my love for the "Belle époque"

The name of my workshop "Le Grenier des Chagrins" (The attic of sorrows/goatskins)

  • The "Grenier" (the attic) is both a refuge and a hidden place, conducive to recollection and solitude, secrets and mysteries (being of a solitary temperament, that represents me well). It's also a space where you can find a whole bunch of treasures and antiques you want to discover ... Like dusty old books left abandoned, even though they have a lot of stories to tell us.


  •  The word "chagrins" has a double meaning in french (it's the same word for "sorrows" and "goatskin"). It represents at the same time the sorrows of the book which deteriorates because of the time which passes with a certain melancholy, but "chagrin" in french, is also the name for a leather (a goatskin), used in binding.

The slogan "Un nouvel écrin pour vos bouquins" (A new box for your books)

  • The word "bouquin" in french, is an other word for "book". It refers to an old book without much interest, and with the dust and moisture, contracted a smell of goat ("bouc" in french, then "bouquin"). Hence the word "bouquin" to designate a book.

  • Finally, "écrin" in french, represents a luxurious box for a jewel (here the book).

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