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Reliure aux armes et semis Marie Thèrese d'Autriche
Eric Parmentier relieur restaurateur de livres anciens et d'estampes
atelier d'imprimerie relieur
Lamartine Le manuscrit de ma mère
Relieur - Le Grenier des chagrins
reliure gothique allemande
restauration broché
moreri dictionnaire
restauration gravures
reliure gothique allemande
cousoir relieur
estampe gravure relieur restaurateur livres anciens
Eric Parmentier - Relieur - Le grenier des chagrins
Relieur - Le Grenier des Chagrins_edited
parchemin diplome

Welcome to my workshop

Officially open since August 15, 2019, "Le Grenier des Chagrins" provides various services for professionals and individuals such as:

  • the creation of traditional bindings

  • restoration and preservation of graphic documents (prints, manuscripts, parchments)

  • restoration and preservation of paperbacks and XVIth to XVIIIth century

  • cleaning, strengthening and protecting the leather of your old works

  • conservation and protection boxes

  • bookbinding courses in my workshop

  • also manufactures a 100% natural homemade wax to protect the leather of your old works


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

I treasure every book like a real treasure. I take great care in the choice of each material in order to best respect the book.

Each paper, each canvas, each leather that I use is tastefully selected to give a harmonious whole to the book that you give me. Having an artistic sense, the new binding of your book (besides being practical) will have a beautiful aesthetic.


As for old books, prints and manuscripts, they connect us with our history, our past. Those who preceded us have sometimes left us in these works of real gold mines. It is a connection with ancestral know-how, a dive into a complex and marvelous craftsmanship at the same time. Every time I hold an ancient book in my hands I feel a kind of mysticism. We dive into an unknown universe that we can't wait to discover. A pleasure for all the senses.

Restoring a book like a print is a very demanding job. This begins with respect for the object itself and for the work of our elders. You can't do anything when you undertake the difficult mission of saving them.

At each stage of a binding or restoration, I want to be precise and delicate in each of my gestures.

"Rigor and thoroughness" could be my motto.


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

For me, bookbinder and restorer, every old book deserves attention, every book is a jewel. We must take care of it at all costs, because it represents centuries of history and memories that must be preserved for future generations. Hence the promise to offer you a beautiful setting for better preservation of your books *

* (For more information on the name and slogan, see the "About" page)


Homemade artisanal wax by the workshop

100% natural and high quality ingredients


You have a question, a quote for a binding, a guestbook, an engraving restoration or for the cleaning and protection of your old books leather? Want to take bookbinding lessons?
Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to help you.


17 rue Jean Jaurès
77300 Fontainebleau

Mobile phone: +33766321753

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